What is the “real” range of my electric scooter?

Quite a common question. The advertised range of an electric scooter rarely matches the real life experience.

The manufacturer is not lying, but they do test in controlled conditions. They do this so that they can rate their various models with as few variables as possible.

How is the range calculated?

The scooters are tested by the manufacturer with a 60kg rider on flat ground, doing a constant speed with no stopping and no lights.

It’s a similar testing environment to how electric cars are tested and their specifications measured.

So what’s the real range?

Changes in rider weight, incline, temperature, starting and stopping and speed all effect range.

Using the Zero 9 as an example. It is rated at 40 to 45kms range – with a fully charged battery.

A rider weighing 80kgs, driving fairly quickly, climbing a few hills might only reach 23kms before draining the battery. It all depends.


Another rider, on mostly flat roads, can comfortably reach 35kms without draining the battery to zero.

A short hill of only 100m can significantly drain the battery, in the order of 10kms or less.

Be careful of draining the battery to zero as this can prematurely reduce the lifespan of the batteries.

What about the voltage?

For the Zero 9, anywhere from 30-55 volts is with the correct range and shows the battery is working as intended.


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