The ZERO 8 is a great choice for short cruises or combining a commute with public transport. It has a standard battery with a range up to 35 kilometres, and is best suited for trips in mostly-flat areas.

Battery: 48 V, 13 Ah | Expected range of 30 – 35 km

Tyres: 8-inch tyres, front air tyre and rear solid rubber tyre | Good balance of comfort and durability

Brakes: Single rear drum brake Great responsiveness at typical speeds

Weight: 17 kg | Lightweight for carrying onto the bus or into the office

Top speed: 40 km/h | A great top speed for this value commuter

Suspension: Front and rear spring suspension | All models in the ZERO range have excellent suspension, giving you a safe and comfortable ride

Lights: Three front LEDs and two rear LEDs

Max weight capacity: 100 kg

Motor power: 500 W

Controller: 20 A

Warranty: 12-month manufacturer’s warranty


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