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General Questions

We are excited to bring you the future in personal transport.  

Like you we were sick of sitting in traffic or on crammed public transport, and started looking for better ways to get from A to B.

We know you have questions and we hope to answer those here, but if you cant find the information you need we would love to chat. Either send us an email or click chat in the bottom right corner of any screen.

Can I ride in the rain?

Yes and no. Our e-scooter range has an equivalent water resistant rating of IP54. If Hurricane Katrina is passing through, we don’t recommend taking your PEV outside. However, if there is light drizzle or it’s a bit wet underfoot, then your PEV will be fine to use. Without stating the obvious, avoid big puddles and remember it is an electric vehicle!

What does PEV stand for?

PEV stands for Personal Electric Vehicle.

Can the batteries be replaced?

At Dash we use all LG M26 Batteries, all PEVs we sell have gaurantee high performance for 500+ charges  (≥ 70 %).

However, like all batteries in the market, eventually their performance will begin to decline. If and when this happens, we stock all batteries and can have these replaced by our service team.

We are always looking for better battery technology and thats why all our Zero scooters come with LG batteries.

For more information on our batteries check out the LG M26 Specification Sheet

Do you have spare parts?

Yes, we carry an inventory of spare parts. Should anything go wrong, we should be able to fix the issue very quickly.

Does the PEV come with a warranty?

Yes. We only supply from leading manufacturers, so all products come with 12 month warranty.


Components covered under warranty include the hub motor, battery, controller, throttle and battery indicator unit, charger unit and all other electrical wiring and components. Consumables such as fuses, brake pads, brake calipers, braking discs, tyres, tubes, brake cables and bearings are not covered under the limited warranty.

Do I need to service my PEV?

While Dash aims to provide low maintenance and reliable electric scooters and electric skateboards. We recommend a service every 6 months just to make sure everything is running smootly and your scooter is in tip top shape. If you would like to arrange a service, please contact us through  

We stock all parts, so if something goes wrong we will be able to fix it quickly and have you on the road in no time.

I see companies hiring e-scooters, why would I buy one?

As you can expect with a hire vehicle, they are designed for the masses and are quite bulky.  We have personally tried these scooters and they don’t offer the ride experience we have come to expect. By having your own Dash scooter, you can use it whenever you want, you’ll enjoy a much smoother ride, you know how far it will go, and that it is sufficiently charged for your commute.

We are confident you will agree that a Dash PEV is far better than any you can hire for comfort and convenience.

Is it legal to ride a Electric Scooter or Electric Skateboard in Australia

Australia is a big country with many state and territory laws.

Currently Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia all have laws that allow restricted use of Personal Electric vehicals on public land.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of each state/territories laws related to PEVs. This will be avalible shortly.

Why is my electric scooter's top speed 25km/h? It's listed top speed is much higher.

At Dash we care about our customers safety, because of this, all Dash ZERO scooters are software speed limited to 25km/h.

We highly recommend taking some time to get use to riding your brand new electric scooter at lower speeds.

Once your feeling confident it is possible to raise or remove the speed limit, this is done in the controller’s dashboard, by following there steps:

Enable the Dashboard settings mode:
Pressing the Power + Mode simultaneously will enter the Dashboard setting mode.

Toggling through the settings:
Short pressing the Power button will toggle through the 10 available settings for the scooter.

Changing the P value:
Once you have the P setting you wish to change, pressing the Mode button will increase value.

Program 08 is the speed limiter setting: (Default 50.)
Press the Mode button until you have set the desired speed limit. 
Note the range is between 5 – 100

The speed limit is shown here as a percentage of the ZEROS maximum speed. See the table below for Maximum speeds by Model.

ModelMaximum Speed
ZERO 840 km/h
ZERO 948km/h
ZERO 1056 km/h
ZERO 8X55 km/h
ZERO 10X65 km/h




Delivery Options & Guidelines

Ensure Access For Your Delivery - Signature Required

In order to receive your order from Dash, you must provide a signature to our courier. This may mean you’ll need to be home or pickup your delivery from a local depot.

International Shipping

Right now we only offer shipping within Australia and New Zealand. International buyers: Send us an email and we will try our best to organise delivery to your destination. We hope to have worldwide shipping soon.

Report Damaged Item

Received a damaged item? Dont fret Dash insects every item for quality before shipping to our customers but if something is amiss on receiving your delivery just drop us an email and we will sort it out. Your satisfaction with your new PEV is very important to us. 

Return a Package

Dash will accept returns on faulty or unopened items. If something not right send us an email and we will do our best to fix the issue.

Track A Package

Dash offers tracking on all shipped orders.
Once an order is booked for delivery you will recieve your tracking number by email.  

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